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Boodua (Qld), August 8 2009, 6.20pm

Boodua (Qld), August 8 2009, 6.20pm

On 8th August 2009 I was out in a paddock on a farm at Boodua, Queensland photographing an echidna. At approximately 6:20pm, while waiting for the echidna to move I glanced up at the stars. While looking near the Southern Cross a star of similar brightness to the major stars of the Southern Cross appeared to move. I steadied myself in case I was wobbling around but the star continued to move in an arc nearly around the top of the Southern cross (the left arm of the cross this night). The angle of the arc increased and as this occurred the ‘star’ dulled and then winked out of view. I would describe the movement as similar to using a compass to draw a circle. There was no apparent noise associated and no flashing lights. In total I may have seen it for all of ten seconds.


Boodua, Queensland, Australia


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