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Bonville, NSW, September 26 2008, 5.00pm

Bonville, NSW, September 26 2008, 5.00pm

I am a UFO sceptic, however my wife and I saw a strange flying object this afternoon at Bonville, NSW, Friday 26th September 2008 at approximately 5:00pm. Clear sky with no cloud. We are wildlife carers and have a young Wood Duck in our care that was looking up at something above that we thought may be a hawk or eagle, so both of us looked up to see a strange shining object that was moving quite fast through the sky. I first thought it was just a high plane in the sky however it was very shiny and appeared to have two sets of wings with long front and rear sections. It was heading in a south-westerly direction. There was no sound at all and the speed at which it moved was far quicker than I have seen with any plane I have ever seen before. We both have good eyesight and not drinking at the time. Maybe some type of military plane?


Bonville, New South Wales, Australia


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