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Blewitt Springs, South Australia, May 7 2007, day

Blewitt Springs, South Australia, May 7 2007, day

On 7th May 2007 I was at a friend’s property at Blewitt Springs in South Australia with my son and husband. The sun was beginning to set and we were close to leaving to go home. My son was with his friends in their room which overlooks the hills and grapevines. He came out to the lounge and told us that he had just seen a plane flying too low, worried it could be in trouble and he was quite concerned. So I said for them to go down the hill and see if they could find what it was. I thought he must have seen a reflection or something like that, because the sky was unusual, this strange kind of overcast orange and pink reflective sky, which actually looked quite beautiful. As I gazed out the window I too saw this UFO. It looked like it was a fair distance away, at a guess 500 metres, but it was quite large and clear with defined edges shaped like an oval. It was a brilliant silver-white and it seem to glide out of sight just behind some trees. I ran to the edge of the yard to see where it went but it was out of sight. I called out and told my friends and husband that I too had seen it. Of course my husband only made fun of me saying, ‘Ooh aliens, aliens.’ So we decided to go and pick up our son from the bottom of the hill ,where he was still seriously wanting to know what he’d seen. I told him I too had seen it but the others missed it. As we were driving home my husband still didn’t believe us – until he saw the same flying object on the left side of Whitings Road before it was once again lost behind the trees. He screeched to the side of the road and tried to see where it went, then decided to drive around to where we thought it looked like it had came from, past Douglas Gully Scrub, but we didn’t find a thing. There was a strange helicopter which looked like it too was searching for something. As my son is into aircraft in a huge way he said the helicopter was not a typical one as it was long and black at the bottom and white at top, but definitely not the same shape as the UFO we had seen, this I am sure of. I can’t get this image out of my brain. It has been a week now but I am definitely interested if anyone else had seen anything in the McLaren Flat/Blewitt Springs area.


Blewitt Springs, South Australia, Australia


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