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Blackwater, Central Queensland, August/September 2006

Blackwater, Central Queensland, August/September 2006

In August or September 2006 my sister was living in Blackwater about 45 minutes east of Emerald. She had just finished afternoon shift at one of the local mines and was driving home. She said she saw 20 orange/gold coloured flying objects in the sky. They weren’t flashing like normal aircraft but maintained their colour. There was a car in front of her who she thinks must have seen them too as they began to swerve a little, but she doesn’t know who they are. She called my mum who lives in Blackwater to see if she had heard or seen helicopters fly overhead as she thought that’s what they might be. My mum heard and saw nothing. I now live in Sydney but always remember the strange things that happened in Central Queensland. I don’t know what UFOs are but I know I saw one. And I’m pretty sure my sister saw 20 of them.


Blackwater, Queensland, Australia


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