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Black Triangle

Black Triangle

13th of April at 5.10 am Chermside Road Ipswich. I was walking South on Chermside Road towards Brisbane road with Walkers real estate on left hand corner at the top of the hill. An object appeared over the hoop pines on the Ipswich Girls Grammar School Side approximately 500 metres plus away. The triangle was black and darker than the night sky. The edges were surrounded by multiple red flashing lights. The object was moving in an erratic fashion or floating speeding up then slowing down. The angle was not consistent and there was also some rotation so it was not always pointing straight ahead but could move and rotate. There was no sound. The object came from a south south east direction moving north but on a curvature north north then north west with the lights constantly flashing bright red. I would estimate the size of this craft to be at least 8 metres if it were 500 metres away. Obviously if it was further away it is bigger. I tried to take a video with my phone but I cannot see anything in it. So now I have started to take my Fuji camera with me in the mornings with a larger lens for low light sits. When I saw it I thought it was some kind of joke or drone but it was too big for a drone and kept heading in the north direction without turning back.




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