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Biggenden, March, April, May 2011

Biggenden, March, April, May 2011

For the past couple of months I’ve seen at least 15 moving orbs in the night sky. They disappear sometimes, then re-appear, and some are brighter than others. They look just like stars but they are not. Some are coming up from the night time bush horizon and looming in the sky. At the same time every night there are two things that are flying over my place. They don’t make any sound and they are glowing red and flashing. They are first appearing as stars and will sit in the sky, then all of a sudden turn red and fly on the same route every night then disappear.

Also I have seen strange flashes coming from the horizon underneath where the objects are hovering in the sky. My Mum who is 57 has also witnessed them. I’m out on a property in Biggenden QLD and you can see everything at night out here, and what I’m seeing every night isn’t normally there! There have been articles in the Fraser Coast Chronicle about these lights and I’m wondering what the hell they are as they are just not going away!


Biggenden, Queensland, Australia


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