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Belmont NSW, Friday September 21 2007, 10.30pm

Belmont NSW, Friday September 21 2007, 10.30pm

About 15 minutes ago I saw an unusual bright orange light in the sky coming from the southeast moving towards the northeast. It seemed to be moving extremely fast and looked like It was coming towards me. It looked like an orange ball of fire that looked larger in comparison than any star visible at the time so it was obviously not a star. The sky was very clear in that direction with hardly a cloud in sight and It was obviously not an aircraft of any type. It was silent and bright and appeared very large.

I was very fearful as I thought it may be an asteroid. I called my wife to come and have a look and she was very scared when she saw it. It appeared to be coming straight toward us and I told my wife to get the kids and put them in the car, and as I was saying this the object suddenly slowed down and changed direction and started going southwest, and it appeared to be going higher and higher, moving in an erratic manner until it eventually disappeared in what it seemed to be amongst the stars and vanished. I was amazed at what I saw and so was my wife who is a true skeptic about UFOs , until now of course. She has certainly changed her tune. I however I have always been open minded about these things as some of my family members have seen UFOs and strange lights in the sky and have told stories about it and they don’t seem like the type of people to make things up. I live In Belmont NSW with my family and I am very certain of what I saw and so is my wife, who saw the same thing with her eyes that I saw with mine.


Belmont, NSW, Australia


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