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Bellbrae, Victoria, January 24 2007, 10.55pm

Bellbrae, Victoria, January 24 2007, 10.55pm

I was searching the sky looking for a comet that I was expecting to see in the south-west. I didn’t see the comet but I did see a moving star. As I watched this ‘star’ became brighter and bigger than all the others, so much so that all the stars around it grew smaller and very dull. I realized then that the moving ‘star’ was coming in closer. Its appearance was that of a star, but a very big, bright star. I was beginning to feel a little exposed from my position in our open yard as it drew closer, however I decided watching was a better idea than rushing to my home. After about 10-15 seconds the ‘star’ changed direction and started to move away. Within a second or two more it disappeared completely into the darkness.


Bellbrae, Victoria, Australia


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