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Baxter [VIC], 1970s [reported November 11 2005]

Baxter [VIC], 1970s [reported November 11 2005]

A man and his friend [both aged 15 at the time] were walking home from a party when all of a sudden “everything” went perfectly silent. About two minutes later they saw a UFO approaching. As it got closer it shot a red tube-like beam down to the ground. It searched over the ground for a while then went back up into the ship and it took off. They both turned and looked at each other “then ran for the hills”. The witness said it scared the hell out of them both. The impression he got of its activity was that the UFO was gathering samples, but of what he didn’t know. He said he never spoke about it to anyone because he thought they wouldn’t believe him.


Baxter, MN, United States


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