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Bass Strait, HMAS Voyager incident, 1962 [verification reported January 2005]

Bass Strait, HMAS Voyager incident, 1962 [verification reported January 2005]

I myself have had UFO sighting experiences in Australia and during my service with the Australian Navy on HMAS Voyager in Bass Strait . We were on trials with this destroyer, a few years before its final demise in a collision with HMAS Melbourne.

This was not a classic sighting but a huge black shape, sharply outlined against the night sky and seeming to be rising from the sea at some considerable distance away. I first thought it might be the conning tower of a nuclear sub by shape, but decided against that as it was too big, and I estimated that it was somewhere in the region of 100 metres in height and width. Although the object did in fact resemble a huge square conning tower it was too large, far beyond the size of any conning tower on a nuclear sub [and they are big], or to be on any submarine in service anywhere in the world. I asked my mate, who was on starboard watch, what he made of it. He looked at it through his night vision binoculars, simply said, “Yeah, I see it,” and was silent until I goaded him to report it. He said, “We don’t report things like that, I have learnt that the hard way.”

I could see he had had such experiences before but despite my constant persistence he would say no more about it. So I left none the wiser, wondering what the hell it was.

The mate I was talking to was on starboard watch, his position was a platform on the left hand side of the Bridge. While I was there with him observing the phenomena, at no time did I notice any change in speed or direction to indicate pursuit and I can vouch for the fact that we did not receive any orders to keep quiet about it and I dare say only fraction of the crew, that I spoke too, knew of it. However I am sure the radar operator would have been only too aware of it, and perhaps those directly involved during that watch may have been cautioned to keep quiet. I stand by my own observations to the fullest and can prove that I was a member of the crew at the time if you should so require it. The ships specs were:

HMAS Voyager Daring Class [DD] Destroyers
Displacement [tons]: 2,800 Standard, 3,550 Full Load
Dimensions [feet]: 390 x 43 x 12.9
Propulsion: English Electric Geared Turbines, 54,000 hp, 2 shafts
Max. Speed [knots]: 30
Armament: 6 x 4.5-inch, 6 x 40mm, 5 x 21-inch torpedo tubes, 1 Triple Limbo Depth Bomb Mortar
Complement: 320
HMAS VOYAGER: Lost in collision with Melbourne [II] off Jervis Bay, NSW. on 10/2/64


Bass Strait Oil Co., Ltd., William Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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