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Bardon, June 15 2008, 3.40pm

Bardon, June 15 2008, 3.40pm

Today, Sunday 15th June 2008, at 15H40 driving from Toowong to Bowmans Park on Stuartholme Road, I saw a shiny metallic round object in the sky. It was completely still and did not seem large, though it is difficult to establish at what height the object was since the sky was very blue with no clouds in the vicinity, but I feel it must have been fairly high. I kept eye-contact with it as I drove along slowly for a good minute. As I arrived at Bowmans Park in Bardon, I got out of the car and looked up at the vast expanse of the sky, which was completely empty — the object clearly seen before and very still was gone altogether, whatever it was. This was witnessed by someone else I was travelling with.


Bardon, Queensland, Australia


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