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Bajool, Central Qld Coast, April 10 2008, 5.15am

Bajool, Central Qld Coast, April 10 2008, 5.15am

I would like to report a UFO sighting which my husband and I experienced at approximately 5.15am on Thursday 10th April, 2008. This was along the Bruce highway about two kilometres south of Bajool which is just south of Rockhampton, Queensland. We were heading south in our car (a late model Nissan Pulsar).

It began when we saw two lights in the sky ahead of us. As the lights got closer they passed over us and we noticed that there were three lights in a triangular shape, with one light in front and two behind. From our perspective the overall width of the object was tens of times wider than our car. We could not guess how far up the lights were from the ground, but we feel it was a substantial height and that the object or objects must have been quite enormous. Approximately one minute elapsed from when we first saw the lights until they had gone. The lights seemed silent and made no noise that we could hear over the car’s engine. The lights could have been three separate objects or one object with three lights on it. We couldn’t tell for sure but would guess that it was one large object. The lights then must have gone straight up into the air, as they got smaller and went out of sight.


Bajool, Queensland, Australia


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