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Aurukun, QLD. 31 March, 2017. Unknown object

Aurukun, QLD. 31 March, 2017. Unknown object

At approximately 02:15 on 31/03/2017 I was located on the Aurukun Access Road approx. 12.1 km from police station front gate at 13°18′ 33.” S 141°49′ 1.” S.

I was facing North positioned on the main road. Object observed from this location on a bearing of 10 degrees. Distance unknown.


Initial observation looked like an aircraft, bright star emitting a red and white colour appeared to be flickering. Was static for a period of time but moved diagonally across right to left and then up wards and down at speed. The lights dimmed and disappeared. A short time later reappeared.

This occurred over a period of 25 mins finally just disappeared.

I cannot find a reasonable answer as to what we observed corroborated by my partner. As far as I am aware there are no inhabited areas at that location and it was not moving like an aircraft. Initially thought it could be some type of drone but at the distance involved it would have had to have been very large.




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