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Auchenflower, Tuesday January 29 2002, 9.02pm

Auchenflower, Tuesday January 29 2002, 9.02pm

A man observed a fast moving white/yellow light to the east, moving west to east. It had an oval shape and moved horizontally along its long axis at about the apparent height of high rise buildings in Brisbane city a few km away. It was seen for one second only and then seemed to switch off because it did not disappear in the distance nor move behind any obstruction. It was a clear night and no clouds were in the sky about the object. There was no associated sound, the brightness, size and shape of the object were constant, and its outline was slightly fuzzy. The witness had not seen anything like it before. His wife and son were with him but could not respond quickly enough to see the object.


Auchenflower, Queensland, Australia


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