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Arundel, Monday June 25 2001, 6.40pm

Arundel, Monday June 25 2001, 6.40pm

My wife, three children and myself saw what we believe to be a UFO on the night of Monday 25th June 2001. I live in Arundel [Gold Coast] and the object was observed due east from my house at 18.40hrs AEST. It was at an elevation of about 30 to 40 degrees initially to the east and after a few moments it vanished from view in a south southeast direction. I am an aircraft mechanic by trade and I know it was not an aircraft of a commercial type nor any current military variant. It was stationary in the sky. Round and bright orange but not too bright. The rest of the family ran outside and I went to get my telescope. Stupid indeed, my digital video camera would have been better. I observed it start to move in a horizontal plane to my right and although I can not be sure of the distance [several hundred or thousand of miles], it appeared from its mass to move quite quickly. It then appeared to move in a slight downward arc as if it was moving closer and lower towards us, then it accelerated slowly at first and then faster, to my right and then appeared to climb away from us. the intensity of the light appeared to fade as it turned away from us. It dimmed and then disappeared. This all happened over about 4 minutes. After about 5 minutes of frantically searching the night sky we all then observed a meteorite falling to earth from right above us. It was a very intense bright white light with a spiralling smoke trail. It was very close and fell in the east, presumably into the ocean. I do not think it was your common shooting star as it was too close and you could actually see the smoke trail in the moonlight. I noticed in today’s Gold Coast Bulletin there have been other sightings of this orange light recently.


Arundel, Queensland, Australia


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