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Armidale, NSW, December 2007

Armidale, NSW, December 2007

I have been taking pictures of aircraft activity over my home town of Armidale, NSW, since about January this year. Although my purpose in taking these pictures was sparked by my interest in aircraft “emissions”, I began to notice anomalies in many of the photos I have taken. This still continues now. I have attached two pictures which were taken earlier this year with a 6mx digital camera. As I am not technical with graphic or photographic work, it is still bugging me as to what these anomalies are. I have had a few people with interest, or profession, in photography and they have mainly been inconclusive. One picture is of a bluish orb in the bottom middle 1/3rd of the picture, the other has a red and blue light, on either side of an emission from an aircraft. In all the pictures I have taken I have not been aware the objects were there when I took the picture, however I have had four sightings, two of them with other witnesses, of orb-like objects. One of these was only about one or two months ago in broad daylight when a friend and I witnessed a silver/mercury-like object that went from a really intense brightness, like the sun was shining off it, to a sort of opaque blue, nearly invisible, appearance which then just vanished. The friend that I was with, we later found out when discussing it, saw the object, but it appeared differently to him. We stood there and watched if for a minute or so. We also have a Lockheed/Martin facility about 10 kilometres out of town. It is US-run and they monitor and manipulate satellites from this station. Apparently in the late 60s the ex-mayor had a property about 15 kilometres out of town where they ran some tests involving HAARP. I find this interesting especially after watching Jamie Maussan’s video last year on the activity over Mexico. In this video there were many UFO objects but one that I am still trying to get my head around is one that looked like a horse! Are these illusions or holographic images that are being projected into our skies, or physical objects?


Armidale, New South Wales, Australia


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