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Armadale, WA.

Armadale, WA.

I’d like to tell of a very strange experience I had back in 1977, around September or October. You can laugh and call me crazy, but I’ve thought long and hard about the ramifications of posting this account, before finally deciding that I’m old enough now to not care any more about what people think of me. This really did happen.

I was attempting to sleep on the back seat of a friend’s car, parked on the street outside the home of his parents in Armadale, Western Australia. The house was built on the southern side of Mount Nasura in, I think, Bilkurra Way, sloping steeply down at the rear into a valley, with another hill rising on the other side of Carradine Road running along the bottom of the valley. Even the street level was higher than the house, so that you could look right over its roof with an unobstructed view of the opposite hilltop. The opposite hill, at that time, was undeveloped land, mostly tree-covered. The time would have been around 2.00am.

Uncomfortable and unable to sleep, I sat up and reached around to the rear shelf for my cigarettes. In doing so, my attention was immediately attracted to a bright bluish-white light suspended just above the opposite hilltop. Not a static light, but one that swung from side to side like a pendulum. It would flash at the end of each swinging arc, leave a trace as it swung back the other way, flash, then trace back the other way…and so on. I could plainly see the trees illuminated on the top of the hill by the light’s back and forth motion, so could easily determine that it was not something many miles away in the distance. Its distance from my viewpoint would have been approximately a thousand yards. So, close enough to hear any sound made by it if it had, indeed, been any type of aircraft such as a helicopter. Yet, it was completely silent. This was no aircraft of any sort that I knew of existing in 1977.

I sat, transfixed, staring at this thing, not daring to move. My spine tingled and my every rational sense told me that this was something not of this world. And I was very, very frightened. I felt that if there was something intelligent in control of this thing, then it must have been able to see me sitting there like a stunned rabbit in a spotlight.

I never did have that cigarette, and I have no recollection of either the light going away or my lying down and going to sleep. However, I must have, at some point, gone to sleep, because I do remember suddenly waking up in daylight, sitting bolt upright and looking immediately over at the opposite hilltop to see if the thing was still there, or if there was some kind of structure over there that I had never noticed before. There was nothing out of the ordinary. It was exactly the same as I had seen it plenty of times before in daylight – just patches of grass and the trees.

I’m almost certain that, at that time of the morning, I would have been the only person to have seen it. I often think about this event and, although it’s more than forty years ago, I can recall it as clearly as if it had happened yesterday. What had hitherto puzzled me a little about it (and still puzzles me now) is that the memory is in two distinct halves. One half of it is of sitting in petrified fear, watching this thing swinging back and forth, and the other half is of suddenly waking up face down on the back seat, in daylight, and immediately looking over at the hilltop. There is nothing separating those two memories. One moment, I was sitting up and wide awake, and the next moment I was waking up, very suddenly, from sleep. No dreams – nothing. All I knew was that there was a period of several hours that I couldn’t account for, other than being asleep for part of that time.

Now, this is where I find myself revisiting the event, more than forty years later, and with a somewhat alarming thought that had not occurred to me before.

I have just watched two very convincing Youtube videos about British policeman Alan Godfrey’s experience in 1980, from which it is concluded, via a hypnosis session he agreed to undertake, that he was abducted. The similarity between his experience and mine is startling. One moment he was sitting in his police car, looking at this strange object in front of him, and an instant later (so it seemed to him) he was driving away from the scene, with a forty-five minute portion of time unaccounted for. Fortunately for him and his reputation, other policemen also saw the phenomenon, from different locations in and around the Suffolk town of Todmorton, and their descriptions of its behaviour (the side-to-side motion) seem to be very similar to the one that I saw three years earlier in Western Australia.

So, I am now seriously considering the possibility that the same thing happened to me. Was I taken from the parked car, subjected to scrutiny, then put back in the car in an unconscious state afterwards? And if nothing of the sort happened at all, what else could possibly explain the crucial chunk of missing memory? Did I imagine it all?

No, I didn’t imagine it. It was real. I saw it…and something very strange happened to me as a result of seeing it.


Armadale, Western Australia


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