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Armadale [WA], Wednesday August 4 2004, 8:00pm

Armadale [WA], Wednesday August 4 2004, 8:00pm

On Wednesday 4th of July at around 8 o’clock at night to quarter past 8, on my way back from a deli in seventh road Armadale, Perth, I notice two bright yellow-orange objects following each other move across the sky from a north to west direction. I was in the west direction, heading back home on foot. The two objects appeared to be heading over Armadale, but between Armadale and the Darling Ranges. I watched them move silently across the sky till they look like they were almost directly over part of Armadale, then they veered and started heading east, as if using the Darling Ranges as a guide. The objects were close by each other, following each other, and made no sound. I ran inside to get my binoculars, but even through them I could not distinguish its true shape through the bright yellow-orange light it gave off. One of them appeared to have something fall from the bottom of it, like ash or something, then one blinked off like it disappeared. The remaining object then looked like it was stationary, but I ended up ruling that out as it was getting smaller. I then knew it was getting further away and it was looking like it was just a star. At 8:15 I decided to go inside, but came out a bit later to see if I could see it again, but it was gone then.


Armadale, Western Australia, Australia


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