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Archerfield airfield, Brisbane, August 6 2004 evening

Archerfield airfield, Brisbane, August 6 2004 evening

A man was walking home from the shop when he observed a big intensely blue disk flying east to west. It was moving same height as an aircraft and coming in as though it was going to land but went straight on moving very fast before disappearing behind a WW2 igloo near the filed. The object looked flat and round and made no noise.

This man had another sighting while he was in the army in Victoria. He was coming back from a dance travelling 50mph and saw that a light seemed to be staying in the mid left hand side of his windscreen. Fifteen minutes later it was still there. It had the same intensity of a train headlight and as he was driving on the right of a train line this is what he thought it was. He eventually crossed a level crossing but noticed the light was still there. He could not find anything that might be reflecting the light on to his windscreen at any stage.


Archerfield, Queensland, Australia


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