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Arana Hills, February 18 1998, 4.20am, reported October 2007

Arana Hills, February 18 1998, 4.20am, reported October 2007

Although I wish to remain anonymous, the following events genuinely occurred in a built-up area of Arana Hills, Brisbane at 4.20am on the 18th February, 1998. It was not yet sunrise and still quite dark. I know the time of the event as I was wearing a wristwatch that has a ‘glow in the dark’ face. Prior to the occurrence, two senior age adults and one mature age adult – me – and a three year old child were all asleep. All three bedrooms are positioned next to each other. We were all woken virtually at the same time by the deafening sounds of what seemed to be a huge engine, which seemed to emanate from the roof above the house, and very bright lights that were clearly visible through the curtains of the window that my bed was positioned next to. At the same time the house rattled inside and out. We called out to each other from our beds but, out of fear I suppose, remained in our beds, but I quickly got up to comfort the young child who was also scared of all the noise.

Although scared, I peeked out the window next to my bed and all I can remember seeing is what seemed to be large spotlights and lots of grey metal-coloured machinery under what appeared to be an extremely large and from what I could see angular – triangular or rectangular? – shaped object. It seemed to be paused just above the top of the house and was close enough for me to see in some detail. I could see one side of it and it seemed very large. The direction it was very slowly moving was easterly – I know this from the position of the house. I was quite scared and ‘hid’ in my bed. The noise and rattling was there for what seemed a few minutes and then it seemed to almost instantly stop.

The two elderly people later asked their next door neighbours on both sides and the neighbours directly across the road if they had heard anything at that time and none of them had been disturbed from their sleep. One of the next door neighbours is a senior Police Officer who was asleep at the time, but is normally very vigilant with any and every noise he hears outside. The other neighbour was an accountant and JP, and the one across the road a middle aged tradesman – all have families with at least two children. Of myself and the other two elderly family members, it is worth noting that we are all strict teetotallers and very conservative in behaviour. The airport was called that morning and a complaint was made, but we were told that there were definitely no planes at that time and we are not in a direct flight path. My relatives have never had this occur before and have lived there since the early 1960s. The amount of noise and rattling was so loud it is impossible that the mostly middle-aged and elderly neighbours, positioned closely, could not hear it. The noise was genuinely almost deafening.

When overseas many years ago I found myself in an area where a large earthquake occurred and this event at Arana Hills was louder, and everything shook and rattled inside the house. None of us went back to sleep. We were all scared and puzzled. We are not science-fiction buffs or ‘trekkies’, and thought UFOs were a lot of old ‘codswallop’ until that night. I have not come forward before to report this for fear of ridicule. It remains a puzzle to us as to what it was. Sometimes when we get together we still chat about it and ponder what was out there.


Arana Hills, Queensland, Australia


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