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Amberley, Wednesday November 22 2006, 12.04pm

Amberley, Wednesday November 22 2006, 12.04pm

West of Amberley AFB; cloudless skies, at 12:04pm [midday]: saw willy-willy spiralling very high into the sky. As I followed the dust upwards there was a very bright metallic-looking craft heading for the area of the top of the willy-willy [but much higher], which I considered to be a jet. As it flew way above the willy-willy, I could still see its light through the dust, going in a straight line from south to north. It carried on past the dusty section and then suddenly did a very sharp left hand U-turn [tighter than would be possible even with an F/A-18], wobbled some, and straightened out again. As it re-entered the area above the dust, its light could still be seen through it, when it suddenly vanished. Total time of observation about 12 to 15 seconds. At 12:14pm the first of three F-111’s headed from Amberley towards the northwest. After 12:23pm at least one F-111 was heard around the area for several more minutes.


Amberley, Queensland, Australia


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