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Amberley, reported January 2005

Amberley, reported January 2005

Living west of Amberley RAAF base I’ve had ample opportunity to observe weird things above us. I wonder whether other people have had similar experiences. Here are some examples — all observed at night.

.Pulsating light travelling west to east, then suddenly zigzagging several times and radially turning towards the south [several similar sightings];

> Pulsating light travelling south to north then circling clockwise, going north, then describing a perfect equal-sided triangle. Exiting to the west and then describing a square before disappearing to the north-west. This was seen only once;

> Very bright pulsating light travelling south to north — way out in space — heading towards the moon in direction. I counted 12 seconds from about two Moon diameters away before the object disappeared BEHIND the Moon. Did not re-emerge from behind the Moon for at least the next 10 minutes. Calculated speed for minimum distance [~7,000km] to be over 2,000,000km/h. Surely not one of ours;

> Extremely bright emerald green flash in western sky — repeated several times at about 20 to 30 second intervals. Then four pulsating lights headed from different directions towards the area of green flash, turning towards the exact emanation of the green flash and disappearing. Shortly after the fourth light disappeared, a large orange flash disappeared into space in less than one second. ‘Green Flasher’ collecting scouts? Seen several times over the years;

> Extremely bright orange flash in northern sky that was repeated three times during observation at about 15 second intervals. Then one by one four pulsating orange lights left the vicinity in different directions. Observed only once about 4 years ago;

> Jet black triangle coming from the direction of Amberley RAAF base at just above treetop level, cruising at about 400 to 500km/h [quite slow], passing directly over my head and a nearby tree. Absolutely silent and tree branches did not move as would be expected with an air disturbance. Tip to tip the craft had a wingspan of about 50 metres. I checked later with guards at Amberley — their reaction: NOT ONE OF OURS. Observed only once, about six years ago;

Since I am ex-Air Force myself, I have to admit that I have no earthly explanation for any of these sightings – and I’m keeping up with new fighter developments.


Amberley, Queensland, Australia


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