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Amamoor, Qld, Friday February 5 2010, 8.30pm

Amamoor, Qld, Friday February 5 2010, 8.30pm

Just thought to report what we saw on Friday night between 8:30-10:00pm. We were outside having a cigarette when I looked up and saw a small bright light travelling north across the sky. I called my wife to look at it too. Then another UFO suddenly appeared, very bright and travelling north at twice the speed the first UFO, as if it was chasing it!! Well, they must have been mates, because the first UFO stopped and waited and as the second UFO got closer, they then took off together and disappeared.

Intrigued by the first sighting I ran inside and got my son and we all continued to watch the sky…. then a large UFO appeared in the west brighter than any light I have seen, travelling in a south-east direction very fast and high above the horizon. These sighting’s were NOT a weather balloon, plane, meteorite, Chinese lantern, swamp gas, or any other explainable phenomena — there were three witnesses, and we have noticed on a clear night we can see two to three UFOs a night, and only now have we started to report them as this place has become a major hotspot.


Amamoor, Queensland, Australia


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