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Alice Springs, Northern Territory, April 17 1999, 10:35pm

Alice Springs, Northern Territory, April 17 1999, 10:35pm

The witness and his wife noticed an orange light moving on the east side of his house. It was travelling south to north. He went outside the house and witnessed a large flaming ball at approximately 800-1000 feet altitude. As he observed, it changed altitude to about 200-300 feet and behaved in such a way that it was totally unfamiliar to him. It made no noise and changed position very quickly, moving back, forward, and stopping, with no pattern to it. It then changed position to the north, and hung at an elevation of 60 degrees to the horizon. It had an oval shape, a definite outline and was orange with a tail that did not trail like a flame, but moved position to be above, before or behind the object. It moved very slowly to the north and then changed direction, moving slightly upwards at incredible speed until it was out of sight. The witness feels he is sane, has had 35 years experience with the aviation industry and that the object was not a known aircraft. He had taken reference bearings and later measured these bearings with a prismatic compass. The witness also related an incident in 1967, when he was flying at 20-30,000 feet in the company of 3 other aircraft, each having 2 pilots, at Jarvis bay, New South Wales. They sighted an unknown aircraft in their airspace, which they were unhappy with, and wondered who else was in this area at that time. One of the aircraft diverted to intercept this craft in order to obtain a closer look. As they got within 5 miles of it, the object took off at an inconceivable speed, in a southerly direction. All 8 pilots had witnessed this object, so they filed a report of the incident. Later other reports were filed by regarding similar sightings in the area, and they were later informed that this craft was an Air Force Neptune [a plane that does not fly at altitudes over 10,000 feet] on an exercise.


Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia


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