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Albury NSW [reported November 2005]

Albury NSW [reported November 2005]

A few years ago I had started to notice lost time very regularly on my way home from work, I would no sooner have left for the trip home and suddenly I was three quarters of the way, having no memory of the trip in between and wondered how in the hell did I go through all those traffic lights unaware and in a total “day dream.” After a while though it stopped happening — which brings us about two years forward. One night while in bed asleep, I had the weirdest feeling that someone was staring at me. Suddenly to my surprise I sat bolt upright, not knowing what was going on and then trying to focus, I turned to look towards my ensuite door which, was open, and standing there were two figures. I was thinking in my mind “there’s someone standing in the doorway” and as I focused properly I noticed there were definitely two figures — one oddly shaped one standing behind the other. As I came to this realisation I felt as if I was forced quickly back on my pillow and my eyes wouldn’t open. In a major panic I was thinking ‘oh my god someone’s in the house!’ and as much as I tried I couldn’t move. nor could I open my eyes, After a few minutes I managed to peel my eyes open and lift my body up enough to see the two figures in the doorway, but then again I was slammed back to my pillow with my eyes feeling very very heavy. Three times this happened that night, and each time I fought to get up until the final time, as then I must have just gone back to sleep. In the morning when I woke and realised what had happened, I remembered them being short with unusually long arms and a slightly rounded unusual torso and large heads, The figure that stood in the front of the other one was the taller one but then he was only about four feet five inches to four feet nine inches tops. Anyway this sort of stirred my scepticism about aliens and UFOs for a bit and eventually I didn’t think much about it at all, passing it off as a dream.

About a month or two later I had a “dream” that I had gone out of the sliding doors onto the patio. I was looking up at the sky [it was night time] and there were about five UFOs in the sky above our house. I didn’t feel or have any kind of emotion that I can remember, I was just “there.” I then noticed my two small dogs in some kind of cage that was like not made of metal or wire but like laser lights. The dogs looked very scared and that’s all I remembered when I woke in the morning I also passed this off as a weird dream until I made my coffee and sat on the patio and called my dogs over because they looked shaken. Neither of them could move — they both seemed to be paralysed from the front legs down. My oldest dog was whimpering and crying, trying to drag herself to me with her front legs and trembling with fear as was the younger dog, but she couldn’t even drag herself. After about three hours the dogs were beginning to recover [there is no possible reason they could have been identically injured during the night] and by lunch time were walking but still very cautious and shaken. I don’t remember the exact times or dates of these encounters as I didn’t really think it was anything extraterrestrial at the time, but I do remember that it was in warmer weather due to my clothing.

I met my friend when I was about thirteen years old. She lived around the corner from me, Our younger brothers where born a couple of days apart and our mothers shared the same hospital room, and we attended the same catholic girls school. We grew up together, had children, married etc, and funnily enough we have bought homes around the corner from each other. We speak every day and see each other nearly everyday. Now, when all this missing time started to happen I had mentioned it briefly to her as it was getting weird, and she told me she had been experiencing it too. We just passed it off as strange. After the first encounter I had called my friend and said ‘Guess what happened last night.’ I told her the events of the night to which she replied ‘Yeah, you know, I woke up last night for no reason and as I looked towards my door I saw two figures the same, but I must have passed out and went back to sleep.’ I would also like to say that weirdly enough we have both gone through stages of heightened awareness [psychic, clairaudience, seeing auras], have had precognitive dreams, seen and told people of their passed loved ones. I wonder if the two are connected. I’m finding it very hard to look at what I have written with a non-judgemental pass on even myself.

Also I would like to mention my eight year old son, who has for a few years had a fascination with aliens which I have always thought nothing about as he is an eight year old boy. A few weeks ago he told me he had a dream about some aliens taking him for a ride with some other boys all over the place. He went on to say they all had to be very still and quiet and if anyone talked or moved they had to go back [showing me the position they had to sit in]. He said that the brown ones were looking after them and the big tall white ones where the bosses. I asked “what were they wearing?” [this story had sparked my interest by now] and he giggled and said ‘Mum they don’t wear clothes.’ This is all he could remember, and as I asked bits and pieces during the day the dream seemed to become a story in the making, so I guess that’s as much as I was going to get from him. Whether it was in fact a dream or not I don’t know but seemed a bit too uniform if you know what I mean.

The first time I think I saw a UFO was when I was about 19, We were driving between two remote towns. I was in the backseat with the driver’s two children, aged then about 8 and 11. My then boyfriend was in the front passenger side, I was staring out the window to the paddocks when I saw behind the hill a huge orange ball of light. I turned to the kids and said ‘look at that!’ The kids asked me what it was and I said I don’t know and jokingly said maybe its a UFO! The light was very unusual because it was a perfectly circular shape and massive! It could not have been a light reflection nor a fire as the glow was too “perfect” in colour and shape [hard to describe]. Anyway I had always noticed even thinking back now that the only ones in the car to notice it was me and the kids not the other two people in the front, which was strange as the orange glow was so massive and out of place that they surely would have commented on it. I have never seen anything like it since.


Albury, New South Wales, Australia


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