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Albion, Sunday 21 June 2009, 2.50am

Albion, Sunday 21 June 2009, 2.50am

I’ve tried satisfying my curiosity on the internet but I cannot explain this myself. Coming through Albion/Ascot area (Brisbane) tonight at roughly 2.50am in a light rain shower I witnessed one of the strangest things I have seen in my life. There was a brief burst of rain, typical of the squally showers we get around here. I have been a meteorological nut since I was a kid so I know a lot about weather.

In the middle of this the sky suddenly went green, spreading quickly from the east to the west. Exactly as this happened the street lights went out, all that was left was the residual orange glow of the lights that had been on for hours. I observed that the residential lights still were on. About five seconds later we drove towards a set of traffic lights and they came back on, were red and then immediately went green.

That is the entirety of what happened but I cannot find a reasonable explanation of it. I have the Energex lightning tracker on my computer, and the BoM radar, and I know upper atmospheric lightning and green clouds (such as alto stratus cloud that can sometimes be witnessed), but I have never seen anything impact on both ground-based clouds and electricity at the same time. I’ve never seen lower level green cloud and I’ve never seen electricity affected by anything that hasn’t registered as a ground strike on the Energex lightning tracker.


Albion, Queensland, Australia


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