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Albany Creek, June 17, 2011, 2.15am

Albany Creek, June 17, 2011, 2.15am

In the early hours of Friday morning of the 17th of June 2011, at our Albany Creek house, I woke to a noise which I thought was someone trying to break in. I got up to investigate and noticed the time was 2:15am. I began to check upstairs and downstairs to ensure all the windows and doors were okay before I went back to bed. I went onto the deck at the rear of the house to quickly check the back yard. The deck faces south and has 180 degree views of the sky above the tree line and the roofs of neighbouring houses. What caught my eye was a light in the sky — no ordinary light which I am familiar with as we are near the flight path of Brisbane international airport. The light in question was in the eastern sky, moving in a northerly direction at a slow constant speed. It was difficult to judge the altitude, but to give you an idea it was slightly above the tree line. It was a large bright light, dimming from time to time (definitely not flashing), yellow/orange in colour. At this point I went back inside to wake my wife. She came out onto the deck and is witness to what I saw, and she also could not explain it.

It was a clear sky and all the stars were visible even behind the moving light. As the light moved further north it was soon to be out of sight as our own house would obstruct visibility. Now this typically would not be enough for me to report a UFO sighting and I would simply dismiss it and go back to bed, but as we were watching it move two other lights appeared, almost directly below and moving in the opposite direction. They were the same size as stars, in fact they looked like distant stars, both at the same altitude and if you extended your arm out and hold out your thumb, they were approximately the width of your thumb in distance apart. Both these two lights were moving at the same speed and in a southerly direction. They were of white colour and constant brightness. Just before the larger light went out of sight, the two other lights simply disappeared as if someone turned a light switch off.


Albany Creek, Queensland, Australia


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