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Albany Creek, July 8, 2011, 3.20am

Albany Creek, July 8, 2011, 3.20am

I am a mobile patrol security officer working on the roads over nights. At 0320am on Friday July 8, I was driving along Keong Road Albany Creek, heading north-bound when I glanced skyward and at about 45 degrees up, saw a rusty red-brown light. At first I thought it was a helicopter heading to one of the hospitals. As I drove further along Keong Road approaching Albany Creek Rd, I realised it wasn’t a helicopter as it passed over the top of the Eatons Hill Sporting fields. I stopped at the traffic lights and the light passed right over the top of my patrol car and began to hover over the Albany Creek State School. Winding the window down I was able to distinctly see that it was in fact two rusty red lights rotating, surrounded by a spherical lightless object.

For a split second, a distinct lime green “lightning bolt” flashed between the rotating lights before it moved in the general direction of Keong Rd. It did a slight hover as I watched it through several changes of the traffic lights. Then it did a 180 degree swing and seemed to lower towards the road where I could see a rotating yellow-white light at the top of the sphere. It flew directly at me, which is when I slightly panicked and drove off in a hurry along Albany Creek Road. I stopped outside the Pony Club as I saw the rusty red light again in the sky flying over the trees to my left. It had regained altitude and was flying in the general direction of the western end of Beams Rd. Another flash of the lime green “lightning” and it faded into nothing, instantly re-appearing further north over Strathpine (roughly). After about three minutes of general flying there was a yellow flash and the appearance of a shooting star, then whatever it was was gone. I scanned the sky till 0400 as I drove around Carseldine and Brendale but I never saw it again.


Albany Creek, Queensland, Australia


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