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Albany Creek, 8 December 2011, 9.21pm

Albany Creek, 8 December 2011, 9.21pm

This is my second report. Once again I was on security patrol driving east along Albany Creek Road where I witnessed an abnormal light below the clouds flying north-westerly from McDowell. Having seen many sightings in Albany Creek I decided to watch it a bit. I U-turned at Letches Road and pulled into the Albany Creek State School drop off zone where it flew right over me. Absolutely silent. This was at 0210am, roughly 20 minutes ago at time of writing. It was again low enough that could make out it was a 2-sided triangle shape, similar to if you put two 30 cm rulers together. The orange light was at the inner tip, which honestly looked like fire (after-burn on an F1-11). It hovered directly above me. As it turned, along the sides was faint little green ‘lights’ which I compared to airplane windows.

The object slowly hovered over the Brendale sports fields. I pulled into Flamingo Drive to witness it hover over roughly Warner, till it “warped” away thru a gap in the clouds. The experience ended roughly 0221 when i typed this.


Albany Creek, Queensland, Australia


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