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Adelaide Star-like UFO

Adelaide Star-like UFO

I have observed a UFO on Tuesday morning. 28 August 2018 at 3:45AM. It was in the eastern sky. It was 45 degree inclination. In Adelaide. I live near air port.
It looked like a bright star (i first thought i was a star)….then after 15 seconds it took off at incredible speed away from earth. It left a vapour trail like a plane does. It vanished after. 100% convinced it was UFO.
I am convinced it was a UFO as nothing of this world moves like that at that speed and acceleration. I heard no noise.
The orb/ star was stationary in the sky until it moved at lightning speed. I do a lot of star gazing. I know locations of stars. This event was scary yet phenomonal. This star got my attention as i had not seen it before. It was bright and luminous like a star.
You may seek to find video from Adelaide Airport and radar data. To confirm my sighting. I do not take illegal drugs and i was sober at the time of sighting. There was no clouds.
Let me know if you require more information. My assertions are 100% genuine




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