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Adelaide, September 26 2006

Adelaide, September 26 2006

A man reported that he had obtained video footage of an aircraft and a UFO in the sky near Adelaide Airport. The UFO appeared in 12 frames and its speed was estimated to be about 3600 km/h. Townsville, September 27 2006, 9.48pm We [self and spouse] spotted two orange glows high in the azimuth – I indicate not in the atmosphere – one in trail to the other, however maintaining a constant spacing as they traversed the skyline travelling in an easterly to westerly direction at a rate which I estimated to be satellite speed. The moon was just about to set in the west and I took a camera avi file, but on viewing my monitor was unable to detect clearly any moving object. I also took other still shots which cannot see what the naked eye saw. By 9:48pm the event was over, I also observed in this time the moon had gone below horizon.


Adelaide Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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