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Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, early April 2005

Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, early April 2005

My friend had just come out from England for a 12-month working holiday at the beginning of April. I took a week off work to get him set up etc. One of the days [somewhere between the 3rd and 7th April] we were at the Driving Range at 76 Learoyd Road, Acacia Ridge, [Brisbane] QLD, it was about 2.00-3.00pm. We were just on our last few golf balls each from the bucket. My friend is a good player and can really hit a ball far. He hit a ball and I tried to follow it with my eyes as it went skyward but I lost the ball in the bright light reflecting off the few white clouds. But then my eyes focussed on another object that I originally thought was the golf ball. The new object was spherical in shape but it was a grey or silver colour, the top of which seemed brighter than the bottom as if it was metallic. It was moving quite slowly in a southward direction. I immediately tried to point it out to my friend by using the end of my golf club as a pointing stick but he couldn’t see it. I kept looking at it for about 1 to 1.5 minutes but then it went behind a cloud and I didn’t see it leave the other side of the cloud, obviously it was fairly far away for it to go behind the cloud. I would estimate the size to be about half the size of a small two-seater plane.


Brisbane, Acacia Ridge, Queensland, Australia


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