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Abergowrie, north Queensland, 1975 [reported November 2004]

Abergowrie, north Queensland, 1975 [reported November 2004]

I wish to report a UFO sighting witnessed by my father and myself way back in 1975. The location was near Ingham at El Alamein Road, Abergowrie, north Queensland. The exact date I can’t recall but I remember it to be during a winter month and the year was definitely 1975. At approximately 10:30am we heard the sounds of what we thought were fighter jets. Being a rural location this was not common so we automatically scanned the sky but did not see anything. However, at about 11:00am we did notice one small silver object high in the sky above our house. It had moved there rapidly in a straight line from a northerly direction. It looked like a star but appeared to be “flexible” in shape and was stationary. It was a clear sunny day so no stars should have been visible. I rushed into the house for a set of binoculars to take a closer look. As I focused on the object it continued to pulsate as if it were flexible. I noted a small black object quickly spiral in towards it and as it made contact the black object was no longer visible. It hovered in the one spot for several minutes but then the silver star-like object began to slowly move in a perfect straight line in a westerly direction. It started to slowly pick up speed, then in a flash it accelerated and vanished, following the same straight line in a westerly direction. Some time later we heard the sounds of jets again but once again were unable to see any. I contacted authorities [DCA?] in Townsville by telephone and gave them the above account. They later sent me some paper work to fill out which I did and posted it back to them.

To this day I am unsure what the object was but at the time I definitely believed it to be a UFO. Some time later I had noted that some fluffy sphere-like grass seeds floating in the wind did sometimes resemble a star in the day sky when the sun shone in the right direction. However, it was obvious that wind currents moved these in uneven movements. The UFO I witnessed had hovered for several minutes and only moved in perfect straight lines.

One pro-UFO hypothesis I will put forward is that the military jets we sent out from Townsville to investigate UFOs that they had detected on radar. They passed close by our house as they headed towards the UFO’s original location. To avoid detection the UFOs had moved from the north to a new position over our house. The UFO had expected to make contact with another vehicle and this was the black object spiralling into it. As the military jets were returning from their unsuccessful mission the UFO once again avoided any contact by quickly moving in a westerly direction and out of sight.


Abergowrie, Queensland, Australia


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