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A group of five unidentified flying objects with flashing lights.

A group of five unidentified flying objects with flashing lights.

I was at Spalding Cove in the national park just outside of Port Lincoln South Australia. I woke up late in the night and left my tent on the beach to star gaze. I was about five minutes into stargazing when i had the sudden urge to look to my left. So i did, and i saw four oval like disks each bearing three lights in the sky. just as i looked at them one of them speed off, it had a large white tail behind it like a shooting star and as soon as it hit a specific point/ speed it disappeared. At first i thought it was just some stars and maybe a shooting star passing by but then i actually saw a shooting star and noticed that the tail was much smaller. The UFO’s tail was so much larger than a shooting stars. I then decided to watch them for a while. Thought that it might have just been a satellite but they were moving around so irregularly that it couldn’t have been. After ten minutes or so they stopped moving and a fully black UFO came up to the others from the horizon tree line. This one was difficult to spot but it was darker than the night sky behind it and it didn’t have any lights on. It then left and i couldn’t find it again. The other three UFO’s continued to calmly float around, flashing their light dully. I had a torch next to me and out of curiosity i decided to flash them with it. They were very far away so i didn’t expect them to respond but to my surprise they did. My flashlight had a red light settling and i was just flicking it quickly from white to red light and to my surprise one of the UFO’s started flashing a red light too. i continued this for a while and they continued it too but after some time i became tired a went to bed. In the morning i looked to where i had seen them the night before and saw nothing.


spalding cove South Australia


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