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8risbane, Tuesday August 14 2007, 2.30am

8risbane, Tuesday August 14 2007, 2.30am

I am 17 years of age and a longtime believer in ET and a constant watcher for UFOs. Early this morning at approximately 2.3Oam I braved the cold to go outside as I often do. As normal I had my eyes towards the sky not specifically in the hope that I would see a UFO but just because I enjoy looking at the stars and find them very beautiful. About two minutes after venturing outside I noticed two very bright red lights in the sky. They were very high up, above the clouds. At first I thought it was a plane or satellite but the objects began to alternate in colour from red to white and then to a very dim grey. I could believe my eyes as this Is my first sighting. One of the objects then began to move in a circular motion. It appeared to be hovering in a circular motion. The other object stayed still. I watched the objects for about one hour. The object on the left then began to come closer towards me, but then it stopped and went back to its original position. A third object then appeared very high above the others tor form a triangle. They stayed like this for about five minutes before clouds came over and I couldn’t see them anymore. This was the most brilliant thing I have ever seen. Looking at the objects made me feel happy and content. I hope to see more sightings in the future.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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