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50 miles from Mt Isa, 1964 [reported July 16 2002]

50 miles from Mt Isa, 1964 [reported July 16 2002]

A woman reported that back in 1964 she was living on a property 50 miles from Mt Isa near the family copper mine. It was evening about 9pm to 10pm and she, along with 3 other family members [adults] and 2 sleeping children were sitting around the outdoor fire drinking tea. The adults attention was drawn to light above them being emitted from a craft no more than 20 feet overhead. She described it as having two compartments to it, the top like a dome and the bottom like a saucer. It hovered for a few minutes while they continued to watch it. It made very little noise as her children remained asleep and it was somewhere between one and two car lengths in diameter. It took off and appeared to go to ground a few miles away. The family was not surprised as they were very open to the idea of ETs. When I asked her how they responded she said they just laughed and said that’s one of those UFOs.


Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia


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