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My housemate and I were walking back from Indooroopilly in Brisbane to our home in Broomfield Street about 8pm. I think it was 7th April 2001, or it may have been the 4th or 5th. He was very drunk as had finished work earlier, but I was sober. We heard a hissing noise and both looked straight up. It was about 35 metres above us, rectangular like a domino but divided into three squares. The long side was the front leading edge. I would say it was 5 metres breadth and 15 metres length(as it was made of 3 squares). On the back it were two flames, but like a jet lighter flame, totally conical and clean, but still a flame, blueish and orange. Each of the squares had like soft yellow downlights in the corners which showed the underneath to maybe have a roughish detailed surface. It moved rather slowly, maybe 70-80km/hr. We both vocalised indepentantly that it was a UFO. It moved at an even level unwavering and went over the left side of Mt Coot-tha and was gone. As it went overhead we had a good few seconds of looking at it up close. My friend remembers but was very drunk and doesn t remember details unfortunately. It was over Taringa heading in the direction of Mt Coot-tha from the St Lucia/indooroopilly direction I guess.. was pretty much flying perpendicular with Broomfield Street.


Australia, above Broomfield st Taringa, Brisbane


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