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30 to 40 lights travelling in the sky

30 to 40 lights travelling in the sky

16 November, 2019. Occurred 200 klms SW of Mackay.
Hello, at 4:20 this morning myself and 2 other guys witnessed for approx 5 mins 30 – 40 lights of the same size, approx the size of a satellite on the horizon.
The objects we travelling from south to north and we are various distances and heights apart. Some appeared to ” play ” with others and some varied their speed and direction { back and forward }

From our vantage point these lights were north of the southern cross.

Our exact location was
21°58’08.9″S 148°00’23.7″E

Our direction of observation was
21°58’08.3″S 148°00’28.2″E

Just above the treeline.




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