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1990, [reported February 25 2002]

1990, [reported February 25 2002]

Incident occurred 12 years ago at 5pm one afternoon. The witness was a taxi driver at the time, travelling to Tullamarine Airport. He observed a boomerang-shaped sky blue metallic object in the sky. He stopped the taxi and got out to observe it. It was in the shape of half an egg shell. The taxi driver watched the object hover for a split second then it took off leaving behind a small white cloud. He observed the object in total for 1 minute.

The same man also reported an incident, again 12 years ago, at 3am one morning which occurred while he was driving his taxi into the city. He saw something in the sky like a star which changed colour from white to orange, blue then yellow. It appeared to block his two way radio which used an FM band. The object came down to within 100 ft above his taxi and began chasing him. As it chased him it turned white. It chased him for 12kms consistently remaining above his taxi.

In a further report he described picking up a sergeant from the Pt Cook army air bus as a fare during his taxi driving career, who advised him not to tell people about the things he sees. The sergeant told him that pilots always see things in the sky but don’t tell anyone about it.


Airport Drive, Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia


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