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1985 [reported July 16 2005]

1985 [reported July 16 2005]

It is a bit late now but after watching a program on SBS tonight I was taken back to a night 20 years ago when me and my then girlfriend were alone at the local lookout and noticed four lights ‘floating’ in the sky. As we observed them they started manoeuvring in a way unlike any conventional aircraft could have done. They would move in a tight grouping, then spread out, then change position at incredible speed. One of the people on tonight’s SBS program talked about a UFO he observed moving up and down in a vertical direction which is exactly what we witnessed. The speed, manoeuvrability and distances they were covering made it obvious to us they were not something that could be considered a typical aircraft. Even to this day nothing I have seen since could have come close to their sophisticated movements. We stared in awe for approximately twenty minutes before they disappeared. The next day the local paper ran a small article about the sighting and wrote it off with some sarcastic remarks. Being young and living in a small town we decided not to say or do much about it, but I often think back to that night and wonder what the origins of such aircraft could have been.



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