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1970. Rockingham, Western Aaustralia.

1970. Rockingham, Western Aaustralia.

Around 1970 camping on a beach near Rockingham, WA with friends. We had been beach fishing all day, had a campfire at night then climbed on top of tray truck friends owned to sleep under the stars. Distinctly remember waking up and looking up to see big light directly above us. Opened eyes and looked up to see bright light above us. Wasnt bright enough to hurt eyes but more like moon sitting 20 ft above us. As i watched it slowly moved over the sand dunes and disappeared. Had feeling it had been there watching for a while. No one else talked about it so guess they didn’t see it. Funny thing about that age I had constant nose bleeds and parents reported being chased by UFO along Nullabour WA




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