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Keeping the Faith

There is still so much left unsaid on the UFO subject and we have only begun to scratch the surface. At times along the way on the UFO “path”, we could be forgiven for questioning the reason for the work we do. Organising conferences, seminars, monthly meetings, taking sighting reports, running an encounter group, investigations, publishing this journal, etc.

Just like many who have walked before me, at the end of the year I pause and reflect on what this work may have accomplished. At times it seems as if no matter what we do to make a chink in the armour of people’s minds about the UFO subject, there seems to be little effect. At the moment it appears that about 1,000,000 people around the world are just keeping the subject alive rather than doing much with it, and on reflection maybe this is all that can be achieved at the moment. Maybe the time isn’t right yet, and in a universe where cycles exist within cycles, we know timing is everything.

However, I do believe that it is the job of UFO-minded people, whether they be researchers or “buffs” as they are so fondly named, to ground and hold safe what little UFO consciousness exists at the moment, acting as carers and overseers until it is time to be born amongst the general population. We need to keep the UFO phenomenon safe, alive and well until a brighter day when more are willing to embrace what we already know and feel – that the universe is teeming with life!

Until such time, it is important that we do not lose faith in what we are doing. One of the ways to do this is to take a long term view of this work and be prepared to accept that mass landings of people from other worlds may not happen in our lifetime, but for it to eventually happen sometime in the future, someone is required to do the work to prepare the way. This does not make our work any less important, but we may have to be happy to settle for the role of “quiet achievers”. Just like the people who have done the work of this organisation since 1956, when UFO Research Queensland first became established, and those who have come and gone since that time, to enable us to be where we are at today in our understanding, resources, and experiences.

There is no doubt in my mind that for anyone who does this work it becomes a life-changing experience, one that we may never fully understand the significance of, but just knowing in our heart of hearts that it needed to be done.

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