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Information versus knowledge

Sometimes people say to me, ‘have you heard about this website? You must go there it has oodles of information.’ So off I go and once I get there I wonder to myself just what they were on about. Yes there’s tonnes of information but how much of it is real. Trying to fill our heads with everything we hear and see about UFOs and straining to keep up with the “latest” information is not the best way to get to the bottom of it.

Many people need a regular information “fix” to feel they are “keeping up” with the latest “developments” in this field. Personally I haven’t gone out of my way to follow suit because dealing with the phenomenon at a grass roots level really identifies for me the difference between information and knowledge. There is a lot of information circulating in the field but much of it is contradictory, so we know that some of it must be disinformation from the cover-up merchants and/or based on bad research. We can expend endless amounts of valuable energy on gathering information as opposed to focusing on what we know.

Now here’s the clincher – ask yourself what is it that we know? Well we know that UFOs can be real nuts and bolts objects, we know that some of them have intelligent occupants, we know that the level of UFO activity is high and ongoing, we know that some people have had close encounters with some of the occupants, and there is strong suggestive evidence (not really in the known category yet) that governments have had communications with some of the occupants.

Well that seems like a lot but when you compare it with what is floating around in the field it becomes apparent that there is a large gap between what we know and what is being disseminated and this gap is bulging with theories, hearsay and channelled information and outright deception. No wonder there is so much confusion. Perhaps it would be better for those involved to focus on gleaning the knowledge from the information gathered and then adding that to their knowledge base. This is an essential process in the evolution of our understanding of the phenomenon. Information can be as quick as the flick on your computer whereas finding true knowledge can take decades.

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