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Friday 27th September 2019 – Contact By Design: Why We Should Take UFO Sightings Seriously with Suzy Hansen (UFOCUS NZ)

Contact by Design – Why We Should Take UFO Sightings Seriously With Suzy Hansen (UFOCUS NZ)

Part One: Voices of the Witnesses.
Most UFO sighting research of past decades has focused on documenting just the characteristics of sightings, with less regard for the human factors involved. With 44 years experience in sighting investigations in New Zealand, Suzy Hansen will present more recent NZ UFO sightings investigated by her network, UFOCUS NZ, that involve the sighting of actual craft and entities. Intensely loving, frightening, or awe-inspiring, these extra-ordinary sightings and close encounters demonstrate how the witnesses’ worldviews were irrevocably affected in those moments in time, and initiated significant changes in their lives.These “human factors” provide invaluable insights; they are a microcosm of humankind’s reaction to any future open contact with off-world species.

Part Two: Geophysical Connections to Sightings
In New Zealand, certain locations with geo-physical factors such as volcanic and seismic activity, underground water, ley lines, and other somewhat spooky earth anomalies have become “UFO hotspots”, with many sighting locations also coinciding with the late Capt. Bruce Cathie’s (NZ) Earth energy gridline theory. Suzy will present a selection of these sightings and their synchronicity with actual earth-changing events that have happened in NZ. She will also relate some of these locations to her own contact experiences.

Part Three: So, what on earth is happening in the contact field?
Suzy will provide a brief update of her perspectives, work and experiences in relation to the current focus and “trends” in the contact field of research. These themes will be discussed in more detail at the Open Discussion Meeting on contact issues with Suzy Hansen and Sheryl Gottschall, to be held on Sunday 30 September, 2019. See below for details.
Copies of Suzy Hansen’s book, “The Dual Soul Connection – The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement” will be available for purchase at the meeting. ($30).

Cost: Members of UFORQ $20. Non-members $30.
Tickets at the door. Eftpos available. Includes supper.

Venue: Kenmore Library, Kenmore Village Shopping Centre, 9 Brookfield Road, Kenmore, Brisbane. Entry is via the lift in the undercover carpark directly under the library.

Enquiries: 07 3376 1780 / 0431 856 556

Sunday 29 September. 1pm – 3.30pm

Open Discussion Group: What on earth is happening in the contact field? A Contact Discussion group will be hosted by Suzy Hansen and Sheryl Gottschall for those who have experienced contact with extraterrestrials, or non-human entities. We will be discussing what is happening in the ET contact field, the rights of contactees, our fears, commitments, tasks etc, and what are the most pertinent agendas/ perspectives we need to prioritize and address, both personally and collectively? Perhaps you have a burning issue to be considered …Be prepared for a lively event.

There will be time allowed for personal testimonies, but our focus will be on “the bigger picture”, exchanging views and examining some of the current issues facing us as a wider group, and the potential future problems/issues that may arise for us should there be worldwide full disclosure of the “alien presence”.

Date Sunday 29 September, 2019. 1pm to 3.30pm.
Cost: $20 includes afternoon tea.
Venue: Jindalee, Brisbane. Address on booking.
Enquiries and bookings for discussion group to
Sheryl Gottschall 0431 856 556.

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