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False Prophets

Author : Sheryl Gottschall ©

The New Age can be very confusing and one of the many elements that adds to this confusion is prophecy. In the UFO field I have heard people proclaim at various times that sometime in the future UFOs are going to swoop down to Mother Earth and collect multitudes of people thus saving many before she swallows up all that have poisoned her, giving herself a good old clean up and a wash behind the ears. Whilst this is happening the aliens teach the “chosen” about the mistakes they have made that have brought about Mother Earth’s fury and carefully guide them back onto the right path. Thus with Mother Earth fully purged they are returned where they live in peace and harmony in the new millennium.

Nice story, but anyone with an ounce of awareness would recognize the obvious pitfalls to this sad and sorry tale. However the concern of this article is not the content of prophecy but why prophecy actually happens and what it really means. To begin to answer this let’s look at the types of people who are prophecying. There are the obvious people who want to earn a quick buck by “telling” people the future and have a “stick with me kid and I’ll save you” slogan flapping off them. Then there are those who are looking for a purpose in life or have a need to feel a power over others. Then there are those who do hear voices speaking to them or see visions but really need some medication. This is not to say that true prophecy involving a Divine source does not exist for there are sincere and highly aware people who report this phenomenon. However being able to tell the difference between the two can sometimes seem challenging.

How and why prophecy happens and where the prophetic information comes from seems to be a mystery. Clues to a part answer at least, may lie in a further understanding of the collective planetary consciousness and how it works. This may be one source of the prophecies that abound today. When a group of people focus on an idea they form an energy pattern that others can tap into. This is similar to the experience of starting to sing a song that someone else is humming in their minds, or speaking a thought that someone else was thinking. Some people say this is due to telepathy, which it very well may be, but maybe telepathy doesn’t quite work the way we think. (That’s a subject for another article) Now when a large group of people participate there is a huge amount of energy created that can form in the shape of a collective vision or thought. People can tap into this plane of thought through dreams as well. So we can have many people having the same dreams or visions in their meditations or just popping into their heads at times when they are more receptive.

What accumulates on this plane is a projection of our dreams and aspirations as well as our fears, not unlike our own auric fields. When groups of people have visions of terrible destruction on the planet I believe they are not necessarily seeing the future but are actually tapping into the collective fears of people which haven’t actually happened yet and probably won’t, but do have the potential to manifest if the collective consciousness dwells on it. Now it has been my experience in life that nothing has been created in our world that does not serve a purpose, so it is my belief that this mechanism is a tool or ability that can be used for constructive purposes but is now being used incorrectly. It has also been my experience that anything from a Divine source does not cause fear but only and always serves to uplift and enlighten. Many of the prophecies we hear today are doing no such thing. They are creating fear and panic and certainly a grand sense of imminent doom has pervaded many people’s thoughts.

If we look at prophecy from this perspective we can use it to see what the collective fears of humanity are. Two of our focuses seem to be that we as a race have the fear of being wiped out (fear of death) and we also consciously and unconsciously looking for a saviour. (times really never change do they) It would seem the lessons to learn here are to stop killing ourselves and be our own saviours. Maybe the role of prophecy, whether man made or not, is as it was originally intentioned in that it does make us aware of possibilities of the future, but more importantly it wakens us to our concerns that although we don’t admit them, still in fact weigh heavily on our minds but more importantly on our hearts.

This would suggest to me that prophecy serves the purpose of awakening us not to the future but reflects to us those things in our life that have long been ignored and desperately need some attention right now. Prophecy makes us stand at attention and gives us an order to about face, take stock of whatever we have now become aware of by dealing with it in the present. It is not to make us cower in fear or feel impotent in bringing about change. It throws in our face what has to be dealt with right here, right now and deal with it we must, for once the energy of change is awakened within us it becomes demanding needing birth into our consciousness and thus into a new world.

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