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An Evening with Dolores Cannon

November 2002

Reviewer: Sheryl Gottschall

Well-known author Dolores Cannon visited Australia in November 2002 and while in the land downunder spoke at a special meeting in Brisbane hosted by UFO Research Queensland.

When I first met Dolores I found she was not what I expected and if you didn’t know better you would say she was someone’s grandmother (actually she told me she’s a great grandmother) and would be totally unaware of the many confounding concepts her sharp mind was busily entertaining while she spoke to you.

Dolores Cannon has been a hypnotherapist for 35 years and over that time her work and skills have evolved to incorporate the many new techniques that now exist in the world of hypnotherapy. Dolores told me she had no particular spiritual background until some years ago she stumbled on to the idea of reincarnation. She eventually began past life regression therapy with her clients but for the last 12 years has been focusing her work on cases where people report periods of missing time while having close encounters with extraterrestrials. Although we often hear of people being traumatized by such events, which are now commonly referred to as alien abduction experiences, Dolores has found in her work that once the fear of the experience has been dealt with her clients can begin to integrate their experiences and appreciate the positive outcomes of those experiences. Further to this, in some cases Dolores found that what some people thought was harm being done to them by ETs was actually healing.

Some of the cases Dolores spoke on related to what she called the Twilight Zone or Dead Zone. This involves people being surrounded by an invisible bubble which can also make them invisible to others and everything in the bubble moving faster than it’s surroundings. This gives the person inside the bubble the impression that their external surrounds may appear to be slowed or frozen in time. This experience usually occurs in the vicinity of a sighting of a UFO or bright light seen at fairly close range. UFO researchers refer to this as the “oz factor”.

An example of this was a case involving a woman who was travelling on a six lane freeway and at the time saw no sign of life, heard no sound and saw no light. As she took her exit she saw a huge orange light overhead. She continued driving down the street and observed a cat sitting in the middle of the road, not moving as if frozen to the spot. She continued to observe the bright orange light nearby which eventually closed like an eyelid. As it did so her surroundings returned to normal. Dolores also spoke of another woman who was driving down the street while she observed a bright light in the sky. As she continued driving, all the lights behind her went out. She saw no people, heard no sound and a distinct eerie feeling overtook her. She drove into her driveway and as she did so the light left and things returned to normal.

Dolores went on to say that the Twilight Zone effect is often created around people just long enough to get their attention. In fact, one ET reported to Dolores, through one of her clients that whilst under hypnosis that, “ we have to stop your world for a fraction of a second so you pay attention”. This is when a download of information to a person’s mind can take place, much like the seeding of a garden, that will grow and be helpful for future changes to take place on this planet. This can happen very quickly when you see a light in the sky without the Twilight Zone effect too.

One of the common responses from people reporting UFOs is that they are incredulous when told that no one else reported the sighting. It is not unusual for them to say that it was so big or right over a busy place that surely others had to see it. However Dolores informed us that people who see UFOs see them for a specific reason, although, due to lack of time, she never got around to telling us why.

Through her clients Dolores has been told many things by alleged extraterrestrials, some of which is information about where they come from and why they are here. Dolores’ clients report that many ETs come from other dimensions which we can’t see due to the difference in vibration. Other dimensions have a vibrational frequency which is different to Earth’s. The frequency of Earth is dense and slow and when ETs enter it the experience can be quite painful for them. Consequently they have created biological robots which are referred to as “greys”, to come to Earth on their behalf. At other times people are observing holographic images of the ETs, particularly the tall blonde types.

It is not often that these ETs enter Earth’s frequency but stay on board their large craft which are described as cities within cities. Often people report being taken on board these craft because this is where particular equipment can be found. When this occurs humans vibrations have to be speeded up, which is usually hard on the human body, and will often create the bruising that people report. When people are taken aboard spacecraft it is not unusual for them to be floated through walls of their own homes to do so, as was the case with one woman, so it would seem that ETs can manipulate our physical dimension as well.

So why is ET here? ET has been overseeing the evolution of humanity since the beginning when the planet had cooled down enough to support life. This is when a planet is given it’s life charter and a decision is made as to what life will be on it. ETs collect genetic material from everywhere in the universe and some of these cells are introduced into the primordial soup. However, recently things haven’t been going too well for the human race and ET is here to help reset our evolutionary destiny on track by making genetic changes to individuals to ensure the human race continues. Originally Earth was supposed to be populated by beautiful people who never got sick or died, but somewhere in our dim dark past the planet was hit by an asteroid that introduced various diseases to the human race.

During the evening Dolores also spoke about Star Children and Star People who are part of the wave of volunteers who have come to Earth at this time to help our civilization get through the violence. Some of these people are being awakened just enough, but not totally, to the mission they have undertaken. They remember what they can withstand, but some find it all very frightening because of the foreign nature of the whole experience.

And speaking of foreign, the extraterrestrials that communicate to Dolores through her clients are very foreign to us indeed. Unlike us, ETs don’t speak or eat but live off light. They are recharged and fed through a process similar to lying in a sarcophagus where they partake in a light bath which is fed directly from the source. Many of them look human but they are not, being able to adapt to almost any gas for breathing purposes. There are however, other extraterrestrials who look anything but human and we could be forgiven for even wondering if they were alive at all. Dolores ETs tell us that we have all had previous lives as ETs and some have a memory of this while others don’t.

While ET contact continues to take place many people may find changes occurring within themselves. A lot of people find their diets are changing as well as their energy levels, with people over 50 feeling it the most. On the contrary, the children referred to as Star Children or Indigo Children are born with all these changes to their genetic coding in place, allowing them to be the new kids on the block so to speak.

If all this weren’t challenging enough Dolores played an audio tape of a woman speaking an alien language. If you have ever heard anyone speaking in “tongues” at your local Pentecostal church this is exactly like the language we heard. So it would seem that this “alien” language may in fact be an artefact of the human mind or the Pentecostal churches have a direct line to ET. Either choice has it’s own implications. Now if you are not squirming in your seats already, Dolores told us that when she played this tape to a group of close encounter experiencers in Perth, one woman not only recognized the language she also understood it and could interpret it.

However, we weren’t told what it said.

I left the evening with many more questions than I started with and perhaps with more time I could have had them answered. I’ll just have to catch her next time she visits oz. To learn more about Dolores Cannon and her books visit her web site at www.ozarkmt.com.

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