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Distractions on the Path

UFO research is a vast subject, full of pitfalls and challenges to our usually barnacle encrusted minds. It contains within it reports of lights in the sky, silver discs, alien abductions and contactee experiences, government cover-ups, secret military and government agendas, crop circles, ancient astronauts, men in black, channelling with the Pleiadians or anyone else whose home, space beings leading Armaggedon survivors into the New Age, and none of the above being complete without being raised into anything from the 4th to 10th dimension, depending on whose done their homework. All very interesting but extremely confusing and possibly far from the Truth.

These topics can be extremely distracting to those who have just entered the UFO field and others who “unconsciously” don’t want to face the deeper implications of alien interaction with the occupants of this planet. For many people, the UFO subject is something to dip into and out of as they follow special interests. For them it serves as a resource for new ideas about life and lifestyles and they take it no further. They are attracted to the idea and for a brief while they feel an affinity with it but have no desire to become a member of anything. They will take what is meaningful to them and get on with their lives.

But for the rest of us, the UFO path is a calling. While it may not be a paid career it certainly becomes a career of creating a new world at large whilst maintaining a vision. Lives are shaped by the desire to directly and consciously contribute to the emergence of a new society. A society where we become far more than citizens of Earth but take on the role of being a citizen of the universe. The UFO path is one on which people become disciples of a new paradigm and agents for transformation of the human collective.

Yes, there are outer tasks of the UFO phenomenon such as recording peoples sightings and encounters, paying close attention to the historical facts and becoming humanities watchdog over the actions of the military and government institutions of the world. Yet at the same time there are a lot of inner tasks that are just as vitally important. It is not a lack of knowledge or skill that keeps us from dealing with the “problems” of the UFO phenomenon but a lack of WILL to take the necessary steps to accept OUR arrival as well as the ETs. The ETs are already here and have been for some time. WE are the one’s having the problem with showing up. Mankind has consistently buried his head in the sand when it comes to acknowledging the existence of extra-terrestrial beings despite the fact that ET has seeped into our culture.

The UFO phenomenon engages us both inwardly and outwardly and unless we keep both of these aspects balanced our progress stops and we go off on a tangent. What the UFO field needs is not “fanatic followers” or “true believers” but people who can bring to it’s possibilities strength and wisdom based on broad interests. Looking freshly and deeply is what is needed. If our concepts remain fixed we will probably reject many of the new facets that come to life. Our perception of the UFO phenomenon needs to remain supple so our understanding of it can continue to evolve. How well we come to understand the alien phenomenon will not only depend on the flexibility of our minds but our willingness to embrace our new discoveries. As a result the UFO phenomenon transforms into a mountain we are climbing, supplying us with whatever we need to make the ascent.

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