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Cosmology for Ufologists

Author: Martin Gottschall, PhD ©

The cosmology which is being developed by astronomers and scientists from other fields of study has only a limited usefulness in UFO research. It barely begins to help us to understand cosmological aspects of the UFO phenomenon. Cosmology endeavours to understand the universe at large – how it came into existence, how it is evolving and how we came to exist in it; so that we can begin to see our place in the scheme of things.

When the scientists’ cosmology is applied to the UFO phenomenon, instead of understanding, we get rejection and denial. It has no place for the things which are central to the UFO phenomenon, was not invented to help us understand it and seems to say that UFOs as we understand them can not be real. Of course, it might be their cosmology which is not real, or rather not realistic enough.

The reason for this unexpected state of affairs can be seen in the history of the scientific paradigm as it evolved in the last few centuries. “Science” has become progressively more and more materialistic, meaning that it has adopted the belief that everything in existence has a material cause. In short, it rejected the multi-dimensional word view of previous centuries as “ignorant superstition”. The reasons that scientists might have advanced in support of their view are not likely to be their real motives, and should not be accepted at face value.

During the formative centuries of science, it was engaged in a struggle with the church, and it tended to counter the excesses of the church with opposite excesses of its own. Now science finds itself between a rock and a hard place. For science, the universe is a place where the “fittest” survive. Enter the ET. Who is fittest? Who will survive? The existence of ETs is an intolerable stress to the scientific mind-set. This stress can be resolved by scrapping this paradigm (which a small minority have done), by rejecting the possible existence of ETs (which is the most popular option), or by arguing that the universe is just too big and ET will never come and bother us, but maybe we can catch him/her on the radio (SETI – which a growing number are opting for).

Science has done an extremely bad job (far worse than the church) of preparing us to face up to the existence of ETs, and it is still in a state of denial. Is it any wonder that MJ12 (or whatever its actual name might be) has completely ignored the scientific community as such, and manipulated it perhaps even more than the rest of us. If Ufologists want a cosmology which works for them, they are going to have to invent it themselves. No one else is going to do it for them. Here is a first try:


The universe is multi-dimensional in the sense that what we call the physical universe is just one level or dimension of reality. In esoteric and new-age literature the difference between the physical and other dimensions is often said to be a difference of “frequency”. However, this should perhaps be seen as an effect rather than a cause of this difference, as illustrated by the following idea.

In the physical dimension, atoms of matter are composed of electrons and nuclear particles (protons and neutrons etc). The nuclear particles have about 2000 times more mass than the electrons. Our bodies, organs and brains are held together and activated by chemical activity which involves only a few of the outer electrons of the atoms of our bodies, and the nucleus hardly at all. When I move my finger for example, all the action is associated with those electrons. The remaining electrons and nuclear particles although 10,000 times more massive, are passive participants, just going along for the ride – and slowing me down.

Suppose that in the dimension just “above” ours, the atoms of that dimension were only 100 times heavier than the electrons in them rather than 10,000 times as in our case. Everything would happen much faster in that dimension, say ten times faster. Would it not have a “higher” frequency? Our dimension is often described as one of greater “density”. If your body only weighed 1 kg or less in that other dimension, would you not agree also?

Let us suppose that for the dimensions of most immediate interest to us, and our dimension, there existed certain similarities. These might be that in each dimension there exists matter, energy, order and geometry. The ancients believed that “as above, so below” and expressed this idea in geometry. In our dimension order is embodied in the idea of cause and effect which is experienced as the arrow of time. We propose that these qualities – matter, energy, order and geometry while not identical are similar enough to be recognizable. The difference is what separates dimensions and governs the degree to which adjacent dimensions can interact with each other.


The space in which our physical universe exists is also the space in which other, possibly all other, dimensions exist. That is why geometry is common to all of them. Imagine a planet like our earth surrounded by a thick spherical shell of the dimension which is next above the physical, and it in turn is surrounded by another shell of the dimension above it, and so on. We do not see these other dimensions, and our matter and energy does not interact with them. However if we were somehow transported into these dimensions, they would be just as solid and tangible to us as the physical is when we are here.


Sentient life and life of every imaginable kind exists not only in the physical but all other dimensions as well. This proposition has a direct bearing on Ufology in that it admits the existence of ET visitors who might come from somewhere in our physical dimension, or some place in a different dimension. Notions of this kind have been put forward by many researchers and contactees, and we need to be able to entertain ideas like this proposition, to be able to handle the wide variety of ET data which already exists.


We may not realise it, but this dimensional idea is actually part of our daily lives. It is becoming increasingly apparent that thoughts and feelings are not just brain cell or chemical processes but substance and energy different from that which scientists recognise. The ideas behind “soul” and “spirit” are dimensional concepts.

Light rays can pass through each other without affecting each other. The same can be said of electric, magnetic and gravitational fields. These things are crucial building blocks of the physical dimension, and they interpenetrate the same way that we propose adjacent dimensions do. Neutrinos are particles which are produced by certain nuclear reactions, yet they do not interact with matter except to a minute degree. A neutrino can pass right through the earth with almost no prospect of interacting with the countless atoms through which it passes. It is as though the neutrino belonged to another dimension. We witness its creation in certain nuclear reactions, and then we lose “sight” of it.


Not only can physical matter be converted into physical energy and back, but matter and energy can be changed from that of one dimension to that of another. This may be embodied in the notion that all the matter and energy of all the dimensions of existence derive from the one universal substance/energy. Here again we see an idea discovered in the physical dimension extended as an interdimensional concept.

An extension of the idea of the one universal substance and energy is the idea of dimensional projection. The universal substance and energy can be “stepped down” from a higher dimension to a lower dimension, and “transmuted” from a lower dimension to a higher dimension. This means that in the matter and energy of the physical dimension, and of all other dimensions also, there is latent the quality of all other dimensions as well.


From the physical dimension the universe is both huge and ancient. It takes billions of years for rays of light to traverse even a portion of it. In the higher dimensions the far reaches of the universe may be much more readily accessible, to the degree that any chosen star or galaxy can be reached almost as fast as we might think of them. For example, the spiritual dimension has been traditionally understood as having the properties that from any one point of space or time, any other point of space or time can be reached directly, without having to pass through any intervening points. This makes every point in space and time as “close” or accessible as any other. If you believed that time travel and “space warps” were invented by science fiction writers, think again.

While there are doubtless ways of traversing the physical universe at speeds above that of light which are themselves physical, the ultimate means of space travel must be dimensional. In this procedure, the vehicle moves up a few levels dimensionally, traverses space and then returns to the physical dimension possibly on the other side of our galaxy. This method resembles the so-called “wormhole” concept of making an otherwise impossibly long journey vastly shorter.


This system of dimensions is ideally suited for some kind of hierarchical management of the universe. It may well have been created this way for that very reason. By maintaining a subtle balance of control and isolation, the “management” can ensure that the “grand design” is achieved while at the same time individuals exercise freewill choices, learn and grow.

When science adopted its one dimensional view of the universe, it also rejected the personal and collective protection which a wisely managed universe provides. As a consequence, most scientists are emotionally incapable of facing the idea that ET (in fact many kinds of ET) is here now and probably always has been since before our sun was born.

This proposition implies that life and intelligence designed and created the universe, which in turn allows certain parts of life to come into existence and evolve. We do not need to resolve the evolution/creation issue in favour of one or the other because, depending on your perspective, each can be perfectly true.

We can adopt the idea that the universe and the life in it are both created and creative.


We can extend proposition 5 to include the idea that not only substance and energy but life itself has an ultimate source from which it is projected into every dimension. There is a thread linking every particle of matter, energy, life and consciousness to its original source, that passes through a number of dimensions. This is a basis for example for the notion that a human being has a “divine spark”. An awareness of this possibility keeps our minds open to our links with the greater universe, and a denial of it traps us not just in one dimension, but in the small portion of it which we consider “real”.


This notion is current in both new age and contactee circles. According to this view, most of the life in our solar system already resides in higher dimensions, and what is left in the physical dimension must soon make the transition to a higher dimension, or continue physical existence elsewhere in the universe. Indeed, this transition is seen as the climax of the coming new age.

When this change comes, life in our solar system will cease to exist in the physical dimension, and no one will be able to inhabit it at the physical level any more (a new heaven and a new earth – Revelation). This means that at least some of the physical matter now in existence will be transmuted into matter of the next dimension. Since each physical atom might become raw material for a hundred atoms in the next dimension, we can see how the physical dimension can serve as a repository for matter and energy for many aeons of time, until it is needed at higher levels.

One of the mysteries of astronomy is the so-called dark matter of the universe. About 90% of the gravity which holds galaxies together can not be detected by astronomical means. There might be any number of reasons for this but chief of them could well be that 90% of the solar systems in our and other galaxies no longer exist in the physical dimension.


The most powerful means we have of furthering our own evolution, is our faculty of attuning to higher dimensions. The great discoveries and works in art, music, science, invention, philosophy etc which exist in our world today owe a great deal to the inspiration of individuals from higher realms. Indeed some things like sacred scriptures are deemed to be literal inspirations.

In the UFO and kindred fields there are many individuals who claim to be “channels” for such inspiration. The most important thing we can learn from channels is not what they say or teach, although in many cases they offer profound wisdom, but that we can each activate our own means of attunement to higher dimensions, develop our own discernment, and reduce our dependence on intermediaries. As we strengthen our own links with higher dimensions, we hasten the day when we can climb up and down the dimensional ladder, like the patriarch Jacob climbed the ladder of his dream. This is one aspect of preparing for ET contact.


An awareness of the dimensional universe allows us to accept ETs who are physical and also ETs who come from other dimensions as equally real. For example, when George Adamski claimed that his ETs were native to Venus or other planets of our solar system, many “knew” he had to be a liar, and to this day they have been unable to benefit from what those ETs had to offer. It is a peculiar thing that people who have not the glimmering of a clue as to how a UFO works, can be so sure as to what the occupants of such a craft can or can not be or do.

On the other hand ETs who have well defined physical interests in humans, as for example the “greys” are likely to be from the physical dimension, or are looking for a way to migrate into it.


The UFO phenomenon has been an enigma to us for many decades despite the ease with which we can distinguish it from other phenomena. Surely the reason for this is not so much lack of information, of which we have literally mountains, but the lack of ideas and concepts we can use to make sense of this vast body of information. One body of such ideas which we clearly need, is a cosmology which allows us to recognize all the variety of ETs which have been encountered, and benefit from the information about them which we already have.

This is just a first step. Since ETs are living beings, we need a much expanded range of ideas and concepts on the nature of life and the faculties possessed by living things as well as sentient beings. ETs are also representatives of ET societies, and we need to expand our ideas and concepts relating to societies too, if we are to discern things about ET societies from the clues given to us. We could go on in this vein, but this is surely enough for a start.

If you have wondered why after a half century Ufology has made so little progress in understanding its subject, perhaps these propositions will explain why. We have not yet seriously tried to create a conceptual framework that can cope with our data. Most “mainstream” Ufologists actively resist anything that lies outside the conventional materialistic (one dimensional) viewpoint which is paraded everywhere as the accepted scientific paradigm. With this millstone around its neck, Ufology has been drowning in its own data for decades. Scientists as a group will not come near the UFO phenomenon. They know full well, that their materialistic doctrine was expressly designed to ignore any domains of life other than a selection of what was already known to them.

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