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Change Takes Time

Author : Sheryl Gottschall ©

Yes, it’s true! The existence of extra-terrestrial life elsewhere in the universe is more accepted today than it was only 10 to 15 years ago. However, people are still only at the stage that they are willing to entertain the alien notion, providing aliens remain “elsewhere” and don’t become a part of our reality. People just don’t want to get involved and the evidence of this can be seen just by the very lack of people who take an interest in the UFO phenomenon.

Our monthly public meetings are a good example of this. On a good month we can have 50 people attending our meetings, and at our lowest we can have 20. Taking into account that there are 3 other UFO groups in Brisbane who also have monthly public meetings, and also taking into account that at least half of the attendees go to all three group meetings, that means that approximately 50 Brisbane residents attend UFO meetings on a regular basis. That’s .005% of the population. Puts things into perspective doesn’t it.

So if you thought people were changing their views on UFOs think again. The UFO concept may be alive and well in our movies, literature, advertising, arcade games, etc., but it’s not really alive and well in our culture’s psyche as a real event. Even though people are more willing to come forward about what they’ve seen, and the media gives us a run now and then, we still have the same amount of people attending meetings today as we did 20 to 30 years ago.

There is an interest in “aliens” but it is still very small and in the closet. It would appear that things aren’t changing very much, but is that just the appearance. Could it be that seeds have been planted and we are just waiting for them to sprout? Is open-mindedness the fertilizer that keeps the seeds alive? Will those seeds ever sprout? If so how long will they take? Maybe one day we will see the first sprouts of people accepting that UFOs are real, and maybe if we are really fortunate we will see them in our lifetime. We can only live in hope.

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