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Can governments really hide the truth from us?

Author : Sheryl Gottschall ©

In the beginning, the governments of the world were accused of withholding information about the UFO phenomenon from the general public. It was believed that this withholding of evidence was the reason for the existence of the UFO phenomenon not coming to light in the consciousness of humanity. It is now fifty years later, but can this statement still be held as true? Today there are thousands of books on the subject, a plethora of video material, a multitude of photographs and ex-astronauts and military personnel speaking out revealing their UFO experiences. So is a cover-up still truly going on?

Perhaps it is going on at an official level, but this does not negate the fact that people all over the world are encountering UFOs and their occupants on a daily basis. People are seeing them with their own eyeballs. People are coming together and studying the information that has been collected by researchers over the last fifty years. So how do the governments stop this from happening. How do they continue to hide the Truth from us. Actually they can’t!

The only people who can cover up the UFO phenomenon are those that are looked up to for the final say on our world view. In the past this happened in the field of health care, but now people are turning away from traditional western medicine towards alternative therapies because what was working to heal humanity in the past is no longer “true”. This is also happening with religion. The new wave of spirituality that has taken hold in the western world is spurred on by the realization that man no longer needs an intermediary between himself and God. He now wants to make personal contact for himself. The churches have been left grappling with this problem because the idea that man needs the church to find God is no longer “true”.

In these areas people are taking back their power, but unfortunately they have not done so in the UFO arena. People still want governments to at long last say that UFOs are real, possibly so they can feel free to believe they are. I don’t think this will ever happen and frankly we can’t let the need for this to happen to hamper our resolve to know the Truth.

As long as we allow others to control our reality by placing limits on what we can hold true or not, we will always be held back from getting to where we want to go. It is important for us to stop being dependent on authorities telling us what we are allowed to believe. As we discover what is no longer true for us, we must remain aware that if we continue to follow those who are committed to paradigms that are poured in concrete, then we will eventually sink right along with them.

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